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Udemy is an online education company. The business name is an abbreviation for The Academy of You. Since it was established in 2010, Udemy has attracted thousands of career enthusiasts who are interested in sharpening their skills. In addition, there are throngs of people around the world who are interested in starting over with a new career. There are also those who are drawn to the Internet learning portal in order to pursue a new hobby such as photography, painting or musical composition.


Whatever course the students take, Udemy is able to meet all the challenging demands of lifelong learning by offering a Web-based platform that it pioneered at a time when only a handful of entrepreneurs could see the potential of a training curriculum on the World Wide Web. No wonder when the online learning academy applied for funding capital at Silicon Valley in 2010, original founders Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani were turned down many times. However, after having attracted quite a following in terms of online sign-ups in a matter of months, investment money started pouring in. In 2014, Dennis Yang replaced Bali as Udemy CEO.


Like most online based business models, people around the world who are interested in the Udemy learning platform must first setup their account. The website, Udemy.com either treats them as users or instructors--or both. The usual avenue whereby Netizens encounter the learning portal for the first time is usually via YouTube. Just like the winning formula espoused by virtually every Internet-based business, Web surfers get to try out the course for free. Even at this level, the test drive could be intense as opposed to superficial. A case in point is a Udemy training module on White Hat Hacking. Many users attest that by simply going through the free version of the course, they have already learned to set up the Kali Linux operating system and have been able to acquire the basic skills towards penetration testing. This is the beauty of Udemy, which prides itself in encouraging free learning with very few limitations. So once pre-existing online students decide to take the paid courses, they have already benefited to a great extent from the free learning modules. The positive learning experience usually goads students to explore further learning opportunities.

Online Portal

Early on, learners are made aware that Udemy isn't set up as a correspondence course just like the old alternative for going to a university. It is based loosely on an online classroom software developed by Bali in 2007. There are no limits to the types of courses that the firm can offer, although taking them doesn't count towards any university credits.


However, this doesn't prevent course makers from offering certifications such as penetration testing, web security or computer networking. And because of the goodwill as well as the stature that the online school has earned in the relatively short period that it has been around, many companies regard certificates as the next best thing to college grades. In fact, it's not unusual for a self-studied individual to be hired for an IT position such as programming just by having successfully gone through the system. Even former General Electric CEO Jack Welch has chosen Udemy as the launching pad for his online management training courses.