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Skillshare is an online education company.


SKillshare was launched in 2011 by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and partner and Michael Ong. The site design and function was based in Karnjanaprokorn's experiences in earning his graduate degree, through collaborative, project-based learning.

Project based learning

Skillshare is designed as a collaborative learning environment, where those who want to improve upon professional or personal skills, can do so at their own pace. Those who have highly developed skills and have thought about teaching can easily share what they know and develop new classes.

The Skillshare model

The Skillshare model stands out among the many online education platforms available, due to its collaborative environment. It makes developing a course and sharing simple, for those who have always thought about teaching and sharing their knowledge. For those who want to learn at their own pace, Skillshare is the ideal platform. Users can choose from a broad array of courses, in several different categories. The range of courses available is much more diverse than those offered by competitors and more diverse than those offered by the typical online college.

Membership model

Skillshare courses are offered as a monthly membership. For a low $9.99 per month. This fee allows members to take any of the courses offered. It also provides a way for course designers, as teachers, to earn residual income. The amount of income an instructor earns is based on the quality of the course and the number of students enrolled. Popular courses will earn more, as enrollment increases over time. Over time, the online learning platform has become widely popular among adult learners around the world, in 188 countries. Some courses can have up to 10,000 members enrolled. over 180,000 people have taken courses on SKillshare, since its inception.

Course structure

The Skillshare platform allows teachers to create video content and short projects for learners. Teachers are encouraged to use 305 minute video clips for teaching, in a step by step manner or to break up the learning content and build upon previously shared content.This method makes it ideal for adult learners who want to work at their own pace. Learners can practice what they've already watched, then come back when they've mastered skills or have applied what they've learned in real world situations. The collaboration between learners across the globe sets the learning platform apart from competitors. Learners can get more out of the courses they're enrolled in, when they can share project experiences and work together on mastering skills presented in the short video clips. While the platform lends itself more easily to some content than others, even topics in Business Management and Marketing can by shared using the SKillshare methods. Skillshare presents great way to learn more about hobbies such as pie baking or gardening, because learners have an opportunity to practice between video clips or lessons. The platform for creating courses is simple for those who want to teach. There are step by step instructions for creating courses and guidelines for minimum video content, as well as video and audio quality.