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Ken Evoy is the owner of SiteSell. A doctor, toymaker, and entrepreneur is quite the assortment of skills for one man to possess, and he managed to use them all to his advantage. He is a Canadian native of Montreal and a graduate from McGill University with a doctorate.

Early Carrier

After college he went into practice at a couple of the bigger hospitals around Montreal area. He was an emergency physician for ten years. While he was busy saving people's lives he also found time,with two other physicians help, to staff and train Montreal's emergency medical service system. He and his colleagues hired over two hundred people to help the newly developed program get off the ground and help bring Canadian health care to the standard it has set today. He practiced with three hospitals in his medical career. After fixing people for so long Ken Evoy wanted a change in his life. He met his wife Janice in this time and together they started their own toy company. Isovoy Incorporated was a very popular toy maker from the late eighties through the nineties. Responsible for such favorite toys as super pooch, night patrol plus he's, and boogers from the planet nose Isovoy Inc. did quite well for it's time on the market. From there, Mr. Evoy went on to bigger and grander things for himself and his family. He decided to use his background in ownership to start up his next idea of a business. He used everything he knew about small business management and applied his need to help people to it. He started SiteSell Incorporated with the intention of helping people,like himself, to be successful small business owners using Internet sales. He started off with a bang as well, almost immediately coining the phrase 'pre-sales' with his business plans. He described it as being the step before monetization,and is more a testing of the waters to see how well a business's product is being received by prospective clients.

Big Data

The business grew immensely because of his sound mind for business, and because helping people was already second nature to him he knew exactly how to help others succeed. He has developed a system known as Solo Build It! or SBI! that is designed to be an all inclusive package for small business owners. He has laid out his plans,tips,and tricks to help business owners make better use of the tools of the the Internet. The plan was to show businesses what to do after they had their website designed and up. Many people don't know how to effectively use the data that is provided from a website. They can get the people to see it, but not really believe in it. Ken Evoy is trying to make owners more aware of what the data is telling them, and how to translate that into sales. The easy part, according to him, is the website design itself,and the hard part is everything after. He has translated that into a very successful business for himself as well as transforming many other people's lives for the better.