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Jeff Walker is an Internet Marketer, famous for coining the term Sideways Sales Letter.

Early life

Walker started his business as a stay at home dad in the late 1990's.

Product Launch Formula

Of some success with Email Marketing, Walker launches his training program called Product Launch Formula. The product now uses a Video Sales Letter, as well as email content to lure visitors. So Jeff Walker had the bright idea of creating a buzz around the product launch instead of the sales pitch. And much to his surprise, money would talk even more poignantly in this manner. To illustrate, from $1,4000, the Jeff Waker product launch formula would gross $28K, then $106K and finally, a cool $1B. Jeff Walker's invention can be applied to any business venture or marketing activity. It states in no unequivocal terms that the days of hard sell are over. Accordingly, telemarketers and car salesmen should update their records. The genius of Jeff Walker speaks tons to the different segments of the buying public, particularly the millennials, the American young generation that works hard for their money. Just like these people, Jeff Walker carved his fortune by starting in small increments, gradually building his empire. His first foray into Internet marketing consisted of only 19 email addresses in 1996, which would balloon to 80,000 day traders and investors. Nowadays, the Jeff Walker product launch speaks to everyone, particularly start-up companies that want to be as successful as Facebook.

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